Tailgater’s Guide to SEC Football Volume V

Chris Warner Books

The definitive guide to the history and traditions of the 14 schools of the Southeastern Conference (2020). Contains profiles of great players and coaches, school histories, recipes, famous alumni, where to shop and golf, etc. The Bible of SEC Football.  320 pages.


“Dan Jenkins, author and sportswriter, simply summed up the popularity of the game of football in the South with the following statement:

“To Southerners, football is as essential as air conditioning.”

The irreplaceable “Voice of the Volunteers” on radio during the 1950’s, George Mooney, once stated, “…No matter where I was broadcasting from, I found the fans in the South to be knowledgeable, fair—and yes, loud and frenzied.  They are very proud of their rich football heritage.  And they are very proud of their schools, their teams—and the deep pride that goes with being from the South.”

Late legendary college football commenter Keith Jackson, in describing the SEC Football experience, once aptly stated that”…there are few instances of alleged entertainment and relaxation that can match a college football game in stirring the deepest flames of partisanship and outright provincialism.  And down South you can color that partisanship passionate!”

Southeastern Conference Football is the paragon of the college athletic experience.  During its storied, 87-year existence, the SEC has evolved into the most impressive league of organized, intercollegiate gridiron competition in the history of the United States.  No other Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) conference can boast of the many accolades and attendance records that the SEC currently holds. Furthermore, the Southeastern Conference has produced more All-American football players than any other conference.

This book is dedicated to all the Southern people who live for Saturdays in the fall, for those individuals who plan their business and personal engagements around their favorite team’s football schedule; for those who always experience a rise in their body temperature when they enter the stadium; for those who shed a tear during the singing of their alma mater; and especially, for those who know all the words to their school’s fight song. It is for the people who wake up early on Sunday morning after a win so they can read each and every one of the sports columns about the game they witnessed the day before.  It is for all those who enjoy good company and good food in the parking lot before the game, as much, and if not more, than the food and company at a fancy restaurant.  These things that we hold dear – all true SEC fans know and love, and look forward to each autumn.  It’s that time of year when the heated summer temperatures begin to fade and yield to colder days, when the leaves begin to change color, and when the youthful partisan spirit within us all crackles like the kindling of a well-planned winter fire.

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