Dead People, Crazy People, Drugs and Politicians by Terry King with Chris Warner

Dead People, Crazy People, Drugs and Politicians by Terry King with Chris Warner

December 11, 2023

Dead People, Crazy People, Drugs and Politicians

By Terry King

With Chris Warner

Foreword by Greg Phares

A True Crime Story

Copyright 2024, all rights reserved to the authors King and Warner



America is the freest country in the world and a model for those wanting to create a working democracy, allowing people to seek their own, peculiar interests within guidelines set forth by forward-thinking forebears. 

The Declaration of Independence and its courageous signers sought to chart a new course for those weary of the predictable, despotic results of a heavy-handed, centralized government, giving rise to the United States Constitution.

While our Constitution is heralded for its enumerative powers of the people to live free from tyranny and oppression, it remains what our founding fathers and framers referred to as a “parchment guarantee,” in that our government is only as good and effective as what we allow or tolerate as a united people.

As a ninth-generation American who loves his country but doubts his government, Terry King has spent nearly two decades putting away bad actors who tarnish the inherent, sacred promise to our citizens, so that our descendants may also enjoy what is and has been great about our country; and in theory, its limited form of government, by design.

Terry King was not always bent on jailing criminal representatives of the people; it just turned out that way.  Circumstances outside his control dictated the play; and that made all the difference.

In this informative, eye-opening expose’ on detecting, indicting and prosecuting corrupt politicians, King explains the tried and true process he and others have perfected to ensnare and incarcerate misguided public officials, providing a blue print that can be replicated by like-minded, brave Americans who want to pass on the promise of our democracy to their children and grand children; as corruption has no place in a civilized society; Irish economist Edmund Burke said it best: “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

This book entails the incredible, white collar, true crime story of one man and his wife taking on her overbearing, narcissistic boss, Louisiana’s most unlikely, highest-paid public official, the local coroner, and an entire entrenched, backwater political system; and winning big, with the help of a newly-formed good government group and an award-winning journalist, leading to several surprising, high-profile convictions in succession, of other corrupt politicians from the same area—St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana; the New Orleans bedroom community north of Lake Ponchartrain; an unforgettable, unforgiving, cesspool of sociopaths, liars and thieves comprising the insular region’s old moneyed, privileged, elected class. 

It is also a tested, step-by-step process communities can use like Wet Wipes to clean up and take back their governments from lying, thieving, self-serving politicians. 

Expounding on techniques used in prior triumphs over good gone bad, it encourages loyalists wanting to put America first to fully embrace it, leaving a lasting legacy for those who follow us, doing the sacred work set forth by our patriotic ancestors, not forgotten.

If you are one of the numbed and disillusioned with the failed contract between the government and its people, this book provides hope, understanding—and a much-needed blueprint—for a better America.


Book Includes:

Specific Advice for Exercising your rights and Taking Back Your Government from Corrupt Politicians


     A Ph.D. toxicologist takes a management position with the coroner’s office and realizes her boss is stealing.  After acknowledging questionable practices in a staff meeting, she is asked to break the law, refuses, gets a pink slip and sues her former employer—the highest paid public official in Louisiana, for wrongful termination.  Discovery granted in court provides incriminating documents.  The husband allies with a local good government group and provides the criminal proof to an award-winning journalist, who excoriates the coroner in a series of blistering articles, culminating with the coroner’s resignation, conviction and incarceration.  The husband and his newfound corruption-fighting friends, now adept at these things, continue their heroic plight and nail over two dozen more public officials gone bad.  At the end the group recounts its triumphs, sharing the secrets of their unlikely, amazing success, hopeful of a more involved, and better America.


The Authors: 

A Watson, Louisiana native, Terry King holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Southern Mississippi and a master’s from Louisiana State University.  The son of an editor of a statewide newspaper for 44 years, and a former U.S. Navy Reservist with SBU-22, he has lived and worked throughout South Louisiana and coastal Mississippi for the last 20 years as an advisor for a large Christian financial organization. Terry is a former Boy Scout Master, church youth leader, Rotary Club President, claims to be on more than one government watch list and was the least confidential informant the FBI ever had. This is his first book.  He and his wife Laura have two grown children and live with their two dogs and two cats in Diamonhead, Mississippi. 

 A New Iberia, Louisiana native, Chris Warner holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Louisiana State University and a doctorate from the University of New Orleans. He is the author and publisher of over 25 titles, including the “The Ulysses Long Story” with Ulysses Long (deceased) and “The Wagon to Disaster,” with Aaron Beam, which has been referenced on American Greed, Sixty Minutes and Netflix’s Trial by Media, “King Richard.” The proud father of two daughters, Chris lives in historic Donaldsonville, Louisiana; and he is always searching for a good story to tell—like this one.  To learn more about Dr. Chris Warner, visit his web page:

Statement by Co-Author and Editor, Dr. Chris Warner:

“Dead People, Crazy People, Drugs and Politicians” is the perfect book for anyone wondering what is wrong with our government—and more importantly—what they can do towards making it right.

This is the best type of true crime story, as it involves politicians—privileged people by office and distinction who normally operate above the law, free from legal recourse for their actions, as they are protected by other elected officials and the system. 

In this unique, rather colorful and eventful case, citizens united work against their elected antagonists in a successful defense of liberty, the U.S. Constitution and the American Dream against a backdrop rife with strange and foreboding characters reminiscent of the famous Star Wars Cantina scene.

It is a tale you will not soon forget, one with many inherent lessons and is a highly recommended read for anyone hoping for a career in media, politics, law or public administration—or for those patriots on the sidelines wanting to get into the game to make a difference.”

Book will be available for purchase in late February 2024.


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